Best Canadian Betting Sites

Best Canadian Betting Websites

Population: 36,710,000
Active Players: 22,026,000
Currency: Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Regulated Gambling Products: Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), land-based casinos, slot machines outside casinos, Kahnawake-licensed: online casino, poker and sports gambling Operator Types: Online Bookmakers and casinos, shops and casinos
Designated Authority: All the ten states has an authority plus Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories
Viewed as one of the best nations in the world when it comes to standards of living and human interaction, Canada is a model for many. Maybe it this high quality of living which produces over 60% of Canadians to participate in forms of gambling at least weekly. Video Lottery Terminals are gone into by the most important focus, nevertheless, Canadian sites are selected by a large part of punters. Like the majority of other markets, it is the companies that provide the best sports. Speaking about legislation, Canada is what it is possible to call a grey market since there are regulatory bodies for every state and territory. Considering that the Canada online gambling laws aren’t preventing these sportsbooks to function and deliver their services to Canadian punters, everybody is free to enjoy some other online bookmaker he wants.
Five things to know about gambling sites You can bet on any local or foreign bookmaker in Canada as long as you are over 18 years of age
Total revenue from the industry is situated around CA$18 billion The Stars Group’s parent company, amaya, is situated in Canada
There are no taxes or fees applied to your gambling wins
Ontario accounts for almost 20% of total revenue in Canada

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